Emotional B2B brand communication with Working Hero presented by IFAT

In order to cut through the noise in today's message heavy world, brands need differentiating means of communication in order to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you want to present your products and services in a never-seen-before format or attract target groups outside of the industry like young professionals, Working Hero tells your story in an emotional and captivating way.

Have IFAT tell your story and transform your B2B communication!

Marketing decision makers turn to Working Hero when:

  • they want to stand out from the competition and differentiate themselves through emotional communication formats
  • they want to reach the next level in B2B marketing communication and tell passionate brand stories that make viewers say “wow”
  • they aim to drive brand awareness among target groups like young professionals which requires powerful, credible messaging in the right channels

Your B2B communication with Working Hero

Each episode comes with a content package (episode and trailer) and includes a digital marketing package to promote your content among your target group.

Find more information on Working Hero in our downloadable brochure:

You want to tell your story?

I will be glad to give you further assistance and support you on your hero’s journey.

Alexander Will
Alexander Will
Digital Sales Manager
Messegelände, 81823 München
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