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First IFAT Environment Index 2018

IFAT’s topics are not only relevant for the specialist sector, they have a direct impact on the entire population. With its IFAT Environment Index, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies for the time gives a voice to the citizens.

In November 2017, 5,211 citizens in China, Germany, France, UK and Italy were surveyed on behalf of IFAT. The topics of the international survey were connected to drinking water, waste, air, environmental technologies and eco-city projects. The result is a representative public opinion.

China: Demand for recycling economy

83 percent of the consumers in China are worried about the environment due to the plastic waste. Accordingly, 85 percent of the respondents support the government’s objective to completely recycle waste in a recycling economy.

Germany: Fear of weather extremes

The Germans (72 percent) are afraid of extreme weather events and urge to limit the critical consequences by environmental city projects. 80 percent think that smart projects are an important opportunity to leverage future technologies.

France: Focus on drinking water supply

The French (60 percent) are concerned that their drinking water supplies are at risk. And almost 60 percent of the population call for an increased local commitment to secure drinking water supplies.

Italy: Waste as serious environmental risk

Italians are unconcerned when it comes to preventing household waste: only 15 percent are convinced that they generate too much waste. At the same time, the vast majority of the Italian population considers waste a serious danger.

Great Britain: British consumers worried about plastic waste

Some 84 percent of British consumers rate plastic waste as a serious environmental threat. At the same time, 63 percent want industry to consider future waste problems already at the production stage.

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