The time has come. To make our world a better place, we need visions. And committed people who implement them. The future platform experience.science.future. combines our future’s opportunities. Be there when successful start-ups showcase their innovative ideas, renowned universities present exciting research projects and visionary companies look for people who have the courage to take our future into their own hands.

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Young professionals

Challenge accepted. The environmental industry offers more than career prospects. It offers the opportunity to actively shape the future.

In demand: courageous doers. Young professionals, career starters and students who are confident that they can leverage and develop the potential of environmental technologies. The future platform experience.science.future. is the place to go for a meteoric career and the chance to treat our resources responsibly.

Save the date: May 7, 2020 is Career Day! “Meet the Experts” is career speed dating in its purest form. Meet the professionals of the environmental industry and start your project with an exciting job. Take part in the application training, get information about the career opportunities at the job walls and visit the conference program to form a view on a career start. And then decide: start-up, industry leader or science. What’s your passion?

Your start of your career

  • May 7 is Career Day. The industry’s most interesting employers in one hot spot.
  • Career speed dating at “Meet the Experts”. 15 minutes for your personal future.
  • Job walls and job market. The quick overview of all career opportunities.
  • Application training. Get tips from the pros.
  • Build a network. Meet decision-makers and experts from business and research.
  • Supporting program covering all career issues.
  • Start-ups. Turn visions into reality.
  • Science and research. Discover relevant projects and training paths.
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Jobs & Career — Your chance

Find job offers in the future industry!

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When visions become reality. At experience.science.future., successful start-ups point the way to the future. Their innovations are the business models of tomorrow.

The start-ups in the environmental sector present special solutions that make the use of resources more efficient. The future platform introduces start-ups that have already turned their ideas into marketable innovations. A perfect opportunity for industry leaders and all companies in the environmental technologies sector that are looking for valuable synergies and partnerships.

Amidst the economy, close to research. Delving into the development of start-ups is a profitable investment. experience.science.future. is the chance to explore the scope of future cooperation and profit from young companies. Transferring the results of science into profitable production processes creates new processes and solutions for a more efficient use of our resources.

What the start-ups offer

  • Marketable visions
  • Profitable partnerships
  • New market and business opportunities
  • Optimal synergies
  • New solutions and improved processes for the use of raw materials and waste products
  • Exciting career opportunities


At the center of the future lab. New findings, relevant research projects and scientific capacities—experience.science.future. brings together renowned universities to inspire curiosity about new study programs and feed concentrated know-how into the economic process.

Universities are our pool for the future. They educate young talents and provide fundamental knowledge for new applications. experience.science.future. is the interface between science and business and thus the hub for the discourse on the future: the dialog between professors and decision-makers helps to explore new potentials and initiate research projects.

Perfect for young people who not only want to talk about the future but want to shape it. experience.science.future. introduces the study courses that enable them to start a career in the environmental sector. Both the universities and start-ups on the future platform offer companies knowledge transfer and valuable insights into future trends. Perfect conditions to stay in touch with the progress of the environmental industry.

What the universities offer

  • New findings and relevant future projects
  • The mega trends of the future directly on site
  • Scientific employees as high potentials for companies
  • Interesting cooperation opportunities with the research centers
  • Optimal expert network
  • Future-proof study programs for promising career opportunities

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