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Digging deeper: Dr. Marcus Höfken about consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

Dr. Marcus Höfken, President & CEO, INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG

IFAT | Amid the coronavirus pandemic, what is the biggest challenge in your business field?

INVENT | Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG provides innovative and energy-saving mechanical equipment for the treatment of water, wastewater and sludge. With an export share of 80 %, we have a strong international orientation. Supporting our subsidiaries, sales partners and customers without being on site is challenging–especially for assembly, service, repair and commissioning. The availability of raw materials has to be managed, transport capacities are limited, and entire for-eign markets are collapsing, at least temporarily.

The major challenge in this complex, constantly changing situation is to stay on top of things, always react appropriately and navigate calmly through the crisis.

IFAT | What opportunities do you see in your business sector in this crisis?

INVENT | It is easy to say that every crisis entails an opportunity. For most cases this is certainly true. But these opportunities also existed without a crisis—they were simply not encountered, used and evaluated because things went well. In times such as these, it is a good idea to question things, to analyze strengths and weaknesses and develop different scenarios that allow you to survive a crisis in good health.

We are excellently positioned in our market and, during the crisis, are investing more in the efficiency of our processes and systems, pressing ahead with the automation of our internal processes. Should there be a consolidation in our market, we intend to be on the buyer's side.

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