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3 questions to Oliver Dippold

President, German Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK)

IFAT | In your opinion, what is the biggest hurdle on the way to a genuine circular economy?

Dippold | That we are not progressing fast enough in reducing and closing energy and material cycles through better developments and designs. How is it that we allow new products to be sold and used as disposable products? Products are hardly ever purchased for their maintainability, repairability, reusability, so we do not make any progress in the circular economy.

IFAT | How do you assess the Green New Deal by EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen?

Dippold | If we want to leave behind a planet Earth, on which our grandchildren can live a life worth living, we Europeans must work against the climate crisis while preserving Europe's industry and thus the source of its prosperity. One thing is clear: a radical change would be necessary, so we can only hope that Ursula von der Leyens' initiative will be successful.

IFAT | What expectations do you have of the upcoming IFAT 2020?

Dippold | At IFAT 2020, the VAK member companies will once again exhibit many innovations that strengthen the idea of sustainability. In terms of technology, the products of our member companies are now among the world's best, so we expect high visitor numbers from Germany and abroad. And the VAK will once again award its Innovation Prize for implements and municipal vehicles, presenting and honoring the winners at IFAT 2020.

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