End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling

Live insights into valuable recycling processes: At IFAT's open-air site, large-scale machines were in operation dismantling end-of-life vehicles into their individual parts. The German Steel Scrap Association (BDSV), together with its diverse member companies, demonstrated the processes for recovering important raw materials. For the first time, innovative recycling technology for electromobility and metal recycling will also be presented. As a result, trade visitors from all over the world were able to experience the latest technical possibilities of machine recycling at IFAT first hand.

Quality recycling live demonstration

During the live demonstrations, individual treatment stages in the recycling process were be demonstrated live on-site. These high-quality recycling services for old vehicles included, among other things, the following process cycle:

  • Environmentally friendly storage of old vehicles
  • Retrieval of reusable parts
  • Removal and disposal of hazardous components
  • Removal and disposal of fluids
  • Sorting processes
  • Transport compression/pressing

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In dialog with the lawmakers

Since the late 90s, legislation has set about increasing the quality requirements for recycling processes. The provisions of the German End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance cover the entire production process: Manufacturers, vehicle owners, and dismantling companies have become responsible links in the recycling chain. The dismantling companies in particular have a big role to play, as their efficient handling of the materials is absolutely vital.

As the World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies, IFAT is a fantastic opportunity to speak to political representatives and businesses with a view to optimizing recycling processes and developing practical and targeted solutions. In doing so, IFAT and its participating associations and exhibiting companies make a valuable contribution to the understanding of the complex processes.

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