VDMA Demonstration Days biomass

The practical demonstrations of the VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology Association provide information on the latest preparation technology in the field of biomass.

Live on site: biomass preparation technology

The VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology Association will organize the Biomass Preparation Technology demonstration days at IFAT already for the tenth time. For good reason: biomass is a product of the future. What processes can prepare the renewable resource efficiently? What machines can render what materials reusable for specific applications?

Daily: moderated demonstrations and machine visits between shows

Main focus of the event: the shredding or preparation of biomass such as green waste, root wood, logs or waste wood. Visitors have the opportunity to follow the demonstrations and the moderation with the help of headsets. Interviews will be conducted in German. For international guests: at the end of the discussion, the moderator will summarize the highlights in English.

Before and after the actual demonstrations, the manufacturers can present the machines to their customers and explain them in detail.

State-of-the-art technology will process around 4,000 tons of biomass during eight live shows

On the biomass demonstration days, visitors will experience the practical processing of trunk wood, waste wood, green waste and roots. During the eight live shows, state-of-the-art screening plants, shredders and feeding vehicles will process around 4,000 tons of biomass into valuable raw material.

Interested exhibitors can contact the VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology Association directly to obtain further information.

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