Water Skills—Professional Competitions (DWA)

Since 2010, the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) has been designing one of the central action areas at the IFAT in Munich with the "Water Skills Germany" competitions for the trainees and the "World Water Skills" for the operating personnel from Germany and the world. In various disciplines that reflect the everyday life of a specialist in wastewater technology, young and old demonstrate their skills and thus not only promote the important profession, but also motivate each other and grow in their tasks.

The competition

Concept and implementation: The events at the competition cover the various tasks of a wastewater engineer. The teams master everyday situations in channels and wastewater treatment plants. This competition mode brings practical exercises to the fore, such as the perfect channel entry or repairing an agitator. At the same time, however, participants have to contend with theoretical tasks. Laboratory work is an integral part of the competition, but only those who deliver in both areas of excellence are in with a chance of topping the podium.

An exciting showcase for the versatile profession

Water Skills can leave none in doubt: The profession of wastewater engineer is a demanding one. This varied professional field brings together a variety of challenges and combines active work outside the office and analytical activities under laboratory conditions.

For young people who have not yet firmly committed to a career, Water Skills is a great opportunity to get to grips with the job description of a wastewater engineer up close and personal. The standards for defining working methods have risen dramatically in recent years. Only well-trained specialists will guarantee smooth handling and maintenance of the drainage systems of the future. In addition, the more and more upcoming digitalization plays an increasingly important role in this professional field. That is also, why the profession of the wastewater engineer will develop steadily in the upcoming years and will bring new challenges.

Environmental-technical professions: A challenge.

World Water Skills and Water Skills Germany present the challenges that environmental-technical professions will face in the future. Whether the important health and safety regulations or technical developments. The competitions of the DWA present the current standards in this area and give trade visitors the chance to find out about them.

Looking forward

The competitions will take place again at IFAT in 2020. The team, which organizes the challenges since 2010, is already working on the further development of the competitions so that all participants can look forward to new challenges again.

More information about the professional competitions

  • You can find all of the latest information about the competition in the wastewater engineers' community on Facebook
  • Everything you need to know about World Water Skills and Water Skills Germany at the DWA website
  • Action-packed retrospectives and perspectives on DWA's upcoming competitions on the DWA YouTube channel
  • This website gives a good overview, also about the international professional competition, WorldSkills: www.h2o-skills.de
  • You find dates and time-slots of all live demonstrations in our events calendar in due time

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