IFAT 2020 - new date

IFAT 2020 will take place from September 7-11, 2020. All tickets purchased and vouchers redeemed remain valid for the upcoming event.

The Truck in Action Show (VAK)

At this show, you can expect innovative developments from the vehicle and superstructure industry. The spectacular presentation by the German Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK) will provide a live experience of how tasks can be solved more easily thanks to applying machines.

The Truck in Action Show

Unique insights, exclusive information—VAK’s Truck in Action Show will offer you the opportunity to learn all the details about the working processes and procedures of the vehicles and superstructures. Find out how to save labor and optimize performance thanks to the novel municipal vehicles. VAK members will send their trucks and machines from five working groups onto the live demonstration stage to cover the complete spectrum of municipal tasks.

Live Demonstration Trucks - Straßenreinigung, Straßenbetriebsdienst und Straßenwinterdienst Andreas Schebesta

IFAT’s events calendar

Find all dates and time-slots of the live demonstrations from the beginning of April in our events calendar.

The narrated and moderated demonstrations will include:

  • Waste collection vehicles
  • Skip loader and roll-off trucks
  • Containers and cranes
  • Liquid waste disposal and pipe cleaning systems
  • Sweeping vehicles and equipment
  • Winter service vehicles and equipment

More about Truck in Action:

  • The Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association at IFAT. Find out all about IFAT participation on the VAK info portal
  • Follow all the latest news about the show on Facebook
  • All about the Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association, including video insights, on the association's website
  • VAK innovation prize
  • Get the picture: The VAK Youtube-Kanal containing everything you need to know about the association

IFAT Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Circular economy, climate protection & climate resilience—read how the solutions in the IFAT network help to make our world sustainable.

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