Sustainable construction of roads, traffic routes and canals

Following the successful introduction of “Sustainability in road construction” at IFAT 2018, IFAT 2020 will take account of this trend more strongly and will additionally address the topic of construction of traffic routes and canals in the municipal sector.

The construction and maintenance of traffic routes in municipal areas often requires special measures and procedures due to special circumstances such as pipelines and associated excavation, the juxtaposition and coexistence of public transport, confined space conditions or the pressure of too short construction times. In addition, the topic of sustainability is increasingly occupying the tendering bodies. “Intelligent” machines, efficient working methods and digitalized processes facilitate installation and documentation. Particularly in road construction not only the reuse of processed secondary raw materials in new and replacement construction projects contributes to the conservation of resources, but also the preservation of existing roads.

With its new IFAT pavilion and the accompanying demonstration area Sustainable construction of roads, traffic routes and canals (VDBUM) IFAT offers everything worth knowing about this topic and especially addresses the representatives of municipal building authorities and contracting authorities as well as civil engineering and road construction companies.

Sustainable construction of roads, traffic routes and canals” comprises the following topics:

  • Demolition
  • Transshipment & storage (attachments and transshipment equipment, transport systems)
  • Production (materials, recycling, concrete, asphalt)
  • Paving processes (preparation, excavating, milling, finishing, feeding, compacting, paving)
  • Structural maintenance (maintenance, repair)
  • Tender topics
  • Innovations (digitalization, BIM)
  • Research & development

The combination of a joint pavilion and lecture area ideally reflects the field of road construction. These topics strike a chord in the industry and the organization was very good.

Willi Reutter, Application Manager Heavy Equipment, Ammann Verdichtung GmbH, Germany

Sustainable construction of roads, traffic routes and canals is closely linked to the other focus area Management of hazardous substances—Demolition—Mineral processing. Covering all these topics, IFAT demonstrates how the cycle of construction and demolition waste can be closed.

Here, IFAT covers the entire process chain of the mineral materials cycle (see figure):

From the analysis of hazardous substances, demolition and sorting to the treatment of recycling materials and their use in civil engineering and building construction. Particular emphasis is placed on innovative paving processes and intelligent maintenance measures in the construction of roads, traffic routes and canals.

Sustainable construction of roads, traffic routes and canals” exhibitors can be found in IFAT’s Hall C5 and in the outdoor area, which is best reached via the Entrance East.

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