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Become an award winner! Like Auma Obama or the Club of Rome. Our sustainability award is an incentive for sustainable trade fair concepts.

You as exhibitor are invited to participate in our competition and win the IFAT Environmental Leadership Award. The overall concept of a sustainable trade fair presentation is evaluated by a jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Martin Faulstich, Professor for Environmental and Energy Engineering, Clausthal University of Technology; Director of INZIN—Institute for the Future of Industrial Society; and former Chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment.

The most sustainable trade fair concept will be honored at the IFAT opening event on September 7, 2020. From all submissions, we will nominate ten sustainable concepts, three of which will make it to the final.

Look forward to a high-profile awards ceremony—let’s celebrate your environmentally friendly trade fair appearance! With the award you will begin the fair days as a model and a highly decorated exhibitor.


Who is allowed to participate?

  • All main exhibitors
  • All organizers of joint pavilions of IFAT 2020

Brief description and instructions

Assessment criteia


How will your booth staff travel to and from IFAT? Here, the jury will assess all activities in terms of the sustainability and climate friendliness of your trips, including those at the event location, e. g.:

  • choice of means of transport from the company location to the trade fair location
  • choice of transport to the exhibition grounds during the event

Stand construction / exhibition presentation

What environmental aspects do you take into account in conjunction with your stand construction / trade fair presentation? This criterion assesses aspects such as:

  • type of stand construction (quantity of material, less walls etc.)
  • stand construction material (e. g. sustainable materials such as wood)
  • reusability of the stand construction
  • power consumption
  • stand services by local companies etc.


The "Catering" category evaluates the type of catering at the trade fair booth as well as the procurement of food and the associated transport volume. Items of assessment include:

  • dishes (e. g. use of reusable dishes, cutlery and glasses; no single-use plastics)
  • choice of food and drinks (seasonal, organic and fair-trade products)
  • type of drinks (e. g. tap water offered at the booth)

Waste management

The "Waste management" section is primarily aimed at limiting and possibly reducing the amount of waste generated through the trade fair presence. The following initiatives are evaluated:

  • installation of islands for separate waste collection
  • reduction of packaging material
  • reduction of print products at the exhibition booth


This category assesses the extent to which gifts may have a longer-term benefit (i. e. may not become waste in the short term) and, on the other hand, are as environmentally friendly as possible in their production and delivery and are socially viable, e. g.

  • environmentally friendly and socially responsible articles
  • no "throw-away articles"


The "Communication" category assesses whether information about the sustainability concept of the trade fair appearance are given at an early stage and what media are used to advertise and accompany the trade fair presence, e. g.

  • reduction of print products at the exhibition booth
  • use of recycled paper
  • use of electronic media
  • promotion of a "sustainable" trade fair presence in various media (information on sustainability aspects)
  • sustainable invitation management (no paper)

Other sustainability measures

Additional measures for a sustainable trade fair presence that are not covered by the other competition categories are evaluated here, e. g.

  • measures to compensate the traveling of booth staff
  • certified climate-neutral trade fair presence
  • support of a climate protection project through donations during the fair

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