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Generating energy from secondary raw materials and waste

Waste is starting to catch up with fossil fuels, i.e. natural gas, oil, and coal. Whether through waste incineration or biogas generation, the environmental technology market offers new, reliable ways to tap into the energy potential of waste and secondary raw materials.

Besides disposing of waste and destroying pollutants, modern incineration plants are also highly efficient generators of electricity and heat. Alongside this, industrial companies with high energy requirements are using millions of tonnes of household and industrial waste as secondary fuels.

  • When will our industrial, consumer society be able to use its waste to produce alternative, high-quality fuels?
  • Are there cost-efficient and eco-friendly recycling options for combustion residues?
  • Which types of waste can undergo fermentation to produce energy-rich methane?
  • And what impact will the processing of this biogas have on the quality of natural gas?

Product Index

  • Biogas plants
  • Thermal treatment
  • Utilisation of landfill gas
  • Substrate processing, transport and feed systems
  • Gas transport and treatment
  • Gas utilisation
  • Treatment of fermentation waste materials
  • Biomass logistics

Trade fair venue map

IFAT exhibitors will present answers and solutions in hall A4, which can be accessed via the East Entrance.

IFAT trade fair venue map, Air pollution control, flue-gas scrubbing and air extraction
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