Management of hazardous substances

Remediation of contaminations in underground, buildings, demolition and dismantling of buildings.

The industrial handling of substances endangering the environment or the incorrect storage of waste and hazardous substances can leave behind contaminations of soil and groundwater, which often only develop their harmful effects after years. And also older residential buildings often contain problematic substances.

In the event of doubt, investigation and analysis procedures provide certainty about the extent of the hazard. Precise knowledge of the building components is also necessary for a qualified description of any impurities and hazardous substances in the tenders for construction and disposal services when a building is demolished or dismantled. Additionally, this facilitates quality assurance in the production of recycled building materials from mineral building and demolition materials and increases the acceptance of these building materials.

The market offers different methods for the remediation of soils or buildings, which will be showcased at IFAT 2020.

If a building is demolished, demolition and processing methods are applied which nowadays meet the highest demands for precision, purity and occupational safety and which contribute to increasingly closing the cycles in the field of mineral building materials and to continuously reducing the proportion of residual fractions to be removed. Find out more about this at IFAT 2020!

Product Index

  • Remediation of soil and groundwater
  • Remediation of pollutants in buildings/ building demolition
  • Accident prevention and safety
  • Analysis and laboratory techniques/services

Trade fair venue map

At IFAT 2020, the “Management of hazardous substances” exhibitors for the first time can be found in a special area (“Management of hazardous substances”—”Demolition and mineral processing”—”Road construction”), which is best reached via the Entrance East.

IFAT trade fair venue map, Management of hazardous substances
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