IFAT 2018 - water and sewerage networks

Water and sewerage networks

The potable water supply lines and sewerage systems of any nation are worth billions as a complex infrastructural gem consisting of multiple underground lines that must be continuously expanded, improved, checked, maintained, and repaired. Water supply and the associated water technology are among the most important tasks of environmental authorities and governments worldwide.

IFAT manufacturers provide all the components required for this. Containers, shafts, and pipes are offered in all sizes and in a range of materials such as concrete, fiber cement, stoneware, stainless steel, and plastic. Cutting-edge corrosion resistance guarantees the durability required by the market. There is also an almost unimaginable range of drains, fittings, and seals at IFAT to accompany the pipes, cables, and channels.

The infrastructure is installed using state-of-the-art machines and equipment. Accurate measuring and control technology ensures operations are monitored and managed effectively.

When water and sewage networks are installed, affordable and efficient maintenance is essential to preserve their function and value. The latest machines, equipment, and technologies for cleaning, inspecting, and repairing are therefore also presented at IFAT.

Trending topic 2022: Digitization in the water industry

One key issue the water industry is currently dealing with is digitization. What opportunities and challenges does digitization offer, where does it make sense and where is it superfluous? IFAT provides important landmarks on the way to Water 4.0: How can data and processes in water management be digitally networked and how can the task of providing public services be optimally supported? How can small and medium-sized water suppliers benefit from a digital control system and take the step towards digitization? IFAT 2022 will provide a stage for discussing and answering the issues relating to digitalization in the wastewater and water management industries.

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Pipes and pipe fittings • Shafts and special structures • Outlets • Fittings • Seals • Corrosion protection • Construction and maintenance • Precipitation water • Drinking water tanks—construction and rehabilitation

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Where can I find exhibitors from this sector?

IFAT covers a broad spectrum of the environmental sector: water, sewage, waste and secondary raw materials. The venue map provides an ideal overview of the individual segments.

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