Layout of exhibition sections at IFAT 2018

The layout of the exhibition sections in the halls at IFAT has changed in 2018.

Layout of exhibition sections at IFAT 2018

The key sector water and sewage was located in the western part of the trade fair venue, accessible via the West, North and Northwest Entrance.

The key sector waste and secondary raw materials was located in the eastern part, accessible via the East Entrance and North Entrance.

Water and sewage

Halls A1–A3, B1–B3, C1–C4. Accessible via the West, Northwest and North Entrances

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Halls A1 to A3 continued to house the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants.

In addition, this area was enlarged in terms of content to include the core subject hydraulic engineering and construction of wells and was continued in hall B2. With this enlargement, the subject of water supply and drinking water became more conspicuous at IFAT.

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering in water management with the segments pumps in hall B1 and process measuring and control technology in hall C1 as well as the fittings area in hall C2 formed the perfect link-up. This subject area was rounded off by water supply and sewerage systems in halls B2 to B3 as well as C3 to C4.

The subjects of ducts, pipes and sewers could be found in halls B2 and B3, the subjects of their construction and maintenance in halls C3 and C4.

Waste and secondary raw materials

Halls A4–A6, B4–B6, C5–C6, open-air area. Accessible via the East and North Entrances

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The area of refuse management, recycling and municipal services equipment requires direct connection with the open-air area. This was made possible by placing the area of plant construction for refuse treatment and recycling, management of hazardous substances as well as recycling and utilization of secondary raw materials in halls B4 to B6.

Municipal services equipment with the subjects vehicles and superstructures as well as street cleaning, maintenance and winter road services could be found in the new halls C5 and C6.

In addition, the area of waste management and recycling carried on in the open-air area as well as in halls A4 to A6.

The area of waste and secondary raw materials was rounded off by the subject of generating energy from secondary raw materials and waste with thermal and biological treatment and air pollution control in hall A4 as well as refuse collection and transport in hall A5 and services in hall A6.

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Halls B2–B3, C3–C6, open-air site

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  • Zindler
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Halls A4–A6, B4–B6

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