Soil treatment and decontamination of old sites

IFAT Exhibitor in the sector decontamination of old sites and soil treatment

Contaminated sites are an ecological issue with a delay factor. The industrial handling of environmentally hazardous substances, the incorrect storage of waste and hazardous materials, as well as certain military applications can leave behind contaminated soil and groundwater, the impact of which often only comes to light years later. In order to protect both humans and the environment, our society has to tackle these inherited pollutants with efficient clean-up methods.

The process usually begins with suspected contamination. Investigation and analysis procedures provide confirmation of the hazard levels. According to the type of pollution on the site, the subsequent remediation process may involve safety and/or decontamination measures. A range of procedures are available on the market to tackle all kinds of pollutants (whether inorganic or organic).

All forms of decontamination are represented at IFAT, whether it's in situ contamination or mobile and stationary soil treatment plants.

Exhibitors from the sector decontamination of old sites and soil treatment will be found at IFAT in hall B4, which is best to be reached via the North or the East Entrance.