Waste and secondary raw materials

Waste and secondary raw materials

Waste isn't just waste: It's a potential raw material and source of energy. Around the world, the environmental technology sector is constantly developing new methods and technologies in order to cost-effectively tap into the reusable materials and energy contained in waste. Local authorities are also on the hunt for cost-effective solutions that can help them meet their municipal environmental obligations, i.e. street cleaning and winter road services. Be it waste management or municipal technologies, the IFAT trade fair helps bring supply and demand together.

The range of exhibitors encompasses the following sectors:

IFAT exhibitors from the key sector Waste and secondary raw materials will present possible answers and solutions to the following questions in halls A4 to A6, B4 to B6, C5 and C6 as well as at the open-air site. These areas can be accessed via the East and North Entrances.

  • How can we turn waste management and recycling into raw material management?
  • How can innovative logistical and technical solutions in waste collection and transportation, sorting, and material separation help us achieve this?
  • From which types of waste can secondary raw materials be extracted, and which can be used as substitute fuel?
  • Will our old landfill sites become reservoirs that enable us to protect and recover limited natural resources in the future?

Municipalities are also facing severe limitations in terms of personnel, machinery, and materials for street cleaning and winter road services. How can these services be optimized?