Construction of water and wastewater treatment plants

Water and waste water treatment sector at IFAT

Water and waste water treatment are some of the main exhibition topics at IFAT, in keeping with the global significance and scope of the tasks to be tackled.

The range of services on offer in this field from the systems presented at IFAT is simply vast. From hamlets to megacities – whatever the volume of sewage produced, there is a customized treatment plant for the job. All kinds of different physico-chemical and biochemical procedures are available for comparison. Complete turnkey facilities as well as systems and individual components are looking for a suitable ecological and economical application.

Many suppliers tackle the international ‘problem child’ that is sludge in a variety of different ways. One issue that is increasingly becoming the focus of developers' work is the utilization of the nutrients contained in sewage, with phosphorous recovery heading the list. Another field where innovation is needed is the reliable and affordable elimination of trace substances, such as pharmaceutical residues, that have so far been able to pass through sewage treatment systems unaltered.

Water shortage is a global issue; we have a duty to find sustainable ways to handle this irreplaceable resource. Water treatment plants make a significant contribution to this, for example through clever operation methods and use of rainwater or pioneering desalination procedures.

In addition, many IFAT exhibitors’ developers are working on the question of how to generate energy from the water cycle. In many industries, heat is recovered from sewage as a sustainable and cost-effective means of supplying energy. Technological innovations in the design of large heat pumps and heat exchangers are therefore very important.

In the future, many equipment manufacturers are expected to come up with new technologies for water and sewage treatment. This is the only way to ensure that future generations will have enough of this valuable resource, water, and that it will be of sufficient quality.

At IFAT the exhibition sector construction of water and wastewater treatment plants will be presented in halls A1 to A3 and B2, which you can access via the West Entrance.