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IFAT 2018 | Record IFAT finalized


Stefan Rummel, Managing Director Messe München GmbH, gives a résumé of IFAT 2018.

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IFAT 2018 | New Technologies in the Wastewater Industry


Contaminants from industry and private households are increasingly polluting our water. The topic of safety and environmental protection is more than ever in the focus of the wastewater industry in Europe.

New challenges that require new technologies. IFAT 2018 presents ideas and possible solutions in order to permanently ensure high water quality. The company XYLEM is calling for the fourth purification stage – using for example ozone in Germany, to reliably filter micropollutants.

The firm INVENT also takes care of the safe elimination of microplastics from wastewater. It’s developed a technical solution especially for large sewage treatment plants.

In industry, as in pharmaceutical firms, it is very important that by using their own sewage treatment plant, companies are never even allowed into the sewage in the first place.

Another challenge for sewage technologies is the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge. From 2029 onwards, sewage treatment systems for more than 50,000 residents will be obliged to recover phosphorus and to recycle it, for the long-term conservation of resources.

Cleaning, recycling and conserving resources are all important topics in the wastewater industry at IFAT 2018. But it’s also the responsibility of every one of us not to let waste and pollution arise in the first place.

IFAT 2018. The place to find solutions for the future.

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IFAT 2018 I Recycling at IFAT


The stricter waste imports to China, the new commercial waste regulation, and the coming packaging Act of 2019 are making the recycling industry busy.

Only in this way can the environment and resources be spared sustainably. The IFAT recycling exhibitors are aware of this.

Giving plastics a new life is only possible through improved recycling technologies.

In addition to new processes, IFAT exhibitors are also presenting increasingly intelligent sorting machines.

New sensor technologies are detecting ever smaller impurities and can isolate them more precisely. This is how unmixed products can be created for further processing.

The IFAT as a platform for dialogue - for a sustainable closed-loop economy, innovative technologies are providing answers for the manufacturing sector.

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IFAT 2018 | Start Ups


Experience. Science. Future. The future platform at IFAT for the environmental technology sector provides start-ups with their own, international forum for the first time.

The start-up area at IFAT 2018 is full of fresh ideas for the industry, and is helping young entrepreneurs’ businesses really take off.

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IFAT 2018 | Women in Water Management (Report)


IFAT is the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies. This year it's not just about the shortage of skilled workers, it also wants to attract more women to water management professions, because there are far too few of them in the industry.

At the heart of IFAT is the future platform ””, where, for example, universities are also presenting their current research projects.

Lotta Hohrenk, PhD student Water Analysis University of Duisburg-Essen, Sophia Nerrether & Denise Hahn, trainees wastewater technology and Michaela Jilg, wastewater master, are having exciting talks with our host Sylvia Bommes at IFAT 2018.

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IFAT 2018 | Digitization in Waste Management


Digitization is one of the key topics for IFAT exhibitors – in water management, too.

In this way, a young company presents its "digital ideas" for waste management, in which collection orders are still analogue or done via fax.

Digital vehicle management has immense advantages for the operator. Processes can be constantly optimized and made more efficient.

The Competence Center Water Berlin and the Berliner Wasserbetriebe have jointly developed an app that informs swimmers about water quality.

In this case, digitization also benefits human health. Plus, it saves time and money.

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IFAT 2018 | IFAT in Action


Our host Sylvia Bommes will guide you through the outdoor area and through the halls of Messe München and show you the highlights of IFAT 2018!

IFAT 2018 | Municipal Vehicles


Diesel vehicles being put to the test. Municipalities and their vehicle fleets are facing huge challenges. But there are also alternative drive options. A novelty at this year's IFAT trade fair: Small municipal vehicles with propulsion and sweeping units that work entirely electrically. And converting the municipal vehicle fleets completely to e-mobility is just one option here.

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IFAT 2018 | Opening


Too many microplastics in our oceans, too little recycling of waste from private households: IFAT 2018 has opened in Munich. At the world's leading trade fair for environmental technology, current challenges facing the wastewater, waste and recycling industry will be discussed, and innovative solutions presented.

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Emily Penn, Oceans Advocate


Emily Penn (skipper, oceans advocate, artist, and a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Architecture) about her task:

"I’m an ocean advocate. I’m really working on the issue of marine plastic pollution. I spent about the last ten years sailing around the world looking at this issue of ocean plastic. And now I am working on ways that we can prevent it actually getting into the ocean.

The message is, what can we all do for the ocean, to preserve the health of the ocean. At the moment we see more pollution, we see acidification and the degrading coral reefs. All of that - unfortunately - is human generated. But it also means that we are the solution. All we need to do is shift our behavior, particularly our consumption, minimize the amount of plastic that we use. We can actually turn around the health of our ocean."

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Special prize ‚IFAT Environmental Leadership’ goes to Auma Obama


Loud, surprising, and inspiring - the GreenTec Awards have proven once again that ecology and economy go hand in hand. Together with the IFAT, the world's most important environmental prize has successfully brought momentum to difficult topics and industries, and collected the most important players around the same table. Among them: Auma Obama, who received a special prize in the IFAT Environmental Leadership category for her commitment.
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Hall layout at IFAT 2018


Hall layout at IFAT 2018

IFAT 2018 | Recycling Construction Material


More than half the waste in Germany consists of construction and demolition waste, about 210 million tons a year! Sustainable handling of these valuable raw materials is one of the great challenges of our time. IFAT show-cases innovative technologies.

Drinking Water


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Every German consumes 123 litres of water a day. High quality standards must be maintained. Only with the construction of water works in the 19th century has water been safe to drink. Augsburg is applying with its water management for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The technical implementation was a sensation at the time.

German engineering skills are still the driving force for pure drinking water worldwide. Companies such as Huber Mena Water produce compact systems for drinking water treatment, which are used in developing countries.

The most modern plants and complex analyses also continue to guarantee clean drinking water in Germany. But concerns about this precious commodity are growing: according to the IFAT Environment Index, 73 percent of Germans fear the contamination of drinking water by trace substances. Grünbeck, the company for water treatment, intends to tackle this:

The quality assurance of drinking water has always been a challenge – in the past regionally, now globally. The further development of modern technologies for water treatment is therefore indispensable for the future. The various actors in the drinking water sector regard IFAT as their common platform.

Image film: IFAT – resources. innovations. solutions.


Image film: IFAT – resources. innovations. solutions.

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