IFAT for industry, the manufacturing sector, and trade

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IFAT demonstrates the potential that environmental technology holds for industry, manufacturing and trade. For example, how should the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, trade and logistics prepare for the long-term future? The World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management offers solutions that improve cost-effectiveness and maintain environmental standards.

What does IFAT offer its visitors?

Professional visitors from the worlds of industry and trade can watch spectacular live, on-site demonstrations and technical presentations about achieving efficient work processes through the efficient use of resources. Experts will impart practical, knowledgeable information about efficient process water management as well as the opportunities presented by the intelligent recycling of plastics into packaging materials. With international innovations and 3,305 exhibitors, you will gain an overview of global solutions and efficient strategies for sustainable environmental technologies.

Process water treatment

There is a whole host of convincing reasons why representatives from the worlds of industry and trade should visit IFAT 2018. Here is a selection.

Better solutions at IFAT 2018

  • The process water challenge: Efficient processing strategies and solutions

  • The recycling challenge: Intelligent recycling for trade and logistics service providers with innovations in packaging materials and plastics recycling

  • The production challenge: A sustainable approach during the production process

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